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The Beaufort Companye was established in 2007 by experienced re-enactors with a desire to increase public knowledge of the late medieval period. The aim was to create a living history and re-enactment group portraying the "freedmen" in service to the Duke(s) of Somerset and the Beaufort Family.

We try to recreate the day to day life (as well as the military life) of all classes of people in a great lord's household during the latter half of the 15th century, now known as the "Wars of the Roses"; with as much accuracy (and fun) as we can.
You will see a flavour of what a medieval household might have been like. Although a household is expected to be well-armed, we do not focus solely on military activities.

Women are well represented within the group and our women's household members perform the proper activities of gentlewomen and attending ladies.
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At public events we demonstrate the social strata of the 15th century, the departments which run the household and the various jobs of each department; cooking, feasting, working on household goods, games, weapons practice, and working with weapons and armour.

We are looking for people who share our passion for educating the public about the exciting period of the late Medieval/Early Renaissance era, and work extremely hard to recreate believable portrayals of the 15th century.

As a member you would aim to meet our strict standards of historical accuracy. However, the effort will be worth the satisfaction achieved with a high level of historical accuracy in a period that is difficult to portray; the amount of fun and enjoyment that you can get out of it makes it all worthwhile.

Allan Harley (Chair, Beaufort Companye)