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The Beaufort Companye portrays the household of a retainer to the Dukes of Somerset and Beaufort family during the late 15th Century, specifically the period known as The Wars of The Roses. Our aim is to bring to the public a new and exciting interpretation of the period via our authentic and interactive portrayal of medieval military and civilian life. For more details see “About Us
The Companye delivers a wide range of events in the UK from the intimate portrayal of a Lord's Household to tournaments, murder mysteries, castle sieges and full scale battle re-enactments incorporating combined archery, infantry, cannon and cavalry displays. We regularly attend European events and in 2015 took part in the 600th Anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt. For more details please see “Hire Us”.
We are a nationwide group and are always looking to recruit individuals and families to portray both civilian and military members of the Companye, including archers, bill-men and harnessed men-at-arms. For enquiries over membership please see “Becoming a Member
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Rievaulx Abbey Murder 2016
Mary Lacy was the murderer of Sir Edward deFrey. She was the illegitimate daughter to Sir Henry deFrey and his former mistress Joan Lacy. However, after the death of Sir Henry’s first wife a few years ago Henry had married Joan and subsequently they have recently had a baby son who is legitimate. Sir Henry and Joan barely acknowledged Mary or her brother, Richard Lacy, and this caused resentment and hatred. Mary was employed as a servant in the household of Sir John and Lady Ann Fitzwalter and Mary felt demeaned by this as she considered the Fitzwater’s equals. By his first wife, Sir Henry had had three sons…Sir Edmund (who was killed at Hexham in 1464 fighting for Lord Roos), Sir John and Sir Edward. Until recently Sir John had been the heir to Sir Henry’s estate but news had just reached Rievaulx of Sir John’s tragic death in a jousting accident at Elizabeth Woodville’s coronation celebrations leaving Edward heir. However Mary had discovered in the law books within Sir John Fitzwalters library that under English legitimacy rules, now that Sir Henry had married her mother and had had a legitimate son it actually made Richard Lacy legally the heir… Statute of Merton 1235……“that all such as were born afore matrimony should be legitamatias well as they that be born after……..
As a consequence Mary grasped the opportunity of raising herself and her brother back up the social ladder…….especially if her father quickly met with an unfortunate accident. With murder in mind Mary wrote a fake letter from Mary the serving girl in the Red Lion Inn and had it delivered it to the victim luring him to a secret rendezvous, and ultimately his death, that evening. Mary also stole Sarah’s red hood and cloak from the Red Lion both to disguise her appearance but ultimately to cast suspicion on Sarah however the cloak was covered in white cat hairs and as Mary was allergic to cats her recent contact with the cloak resulted in a severe allergic reaction and the need to ask the Apothecary for ointment for treatment, something that would incriminate her in the investigation………Mary hid in the shadows and as Edward was drunk it was an easy task to sneak up behind and cut his throat. Mary had stolen a purse full of the French gold coins from the Scottish mercenary who had been distracted by the fight between the two serving girls which Mary had arranged. Mary left several of the coins with the body again as a way of diverting suspicion but then dropped the purse while fleeing the scene. The gold ring that belonged to Henry VI had been stolen by Mary from the bedchamber of Sir John Fitzwalter’s (Sir John was providing aid to Henry and assisting in attempts to get him out of the country) and again used to implicate other parties in the crime
Latest News
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January 2016
The Beaufort Companye wishes all its members, supporters and friends a very Happy New Year. You can now follow us on our new Twitter feed @BeaufortCompnye as well as keep up to date with the forthcoming 2016 re-enactment season.  
June 2014
Medieval Weekend and Jousting event - Avoncroft Museum - June 15th 2014 Video by Neil Pugh
January 2012
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The Beaufort Companye appear in Issue 93 of Skirmish Magazine which is on sale now. The article covers the Companye’s re-enactment of the First Battle of St Albans in 2011.
September 2011
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At the 550th anniversary event at Mortimer's Cross, the Beaufort Companye assisted in the filming of a forthcoming History Channel programme titled "No County for Old Men". The programme, presented by John Thompson and Simon Day, is scheduled to be aired at the end of April 2012 on The History Channel.
July 2011
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Chris Heild and Adam Dolling of the Beaufort Companye appear on the cover of issue 90 of Skirmish, on sale now. The Beauforts are also the subject matter on this year's 2011 Tewkesbury Festival poster painted each year by Graham Turner.
May 2011

The Beaufort Companye, along with members of the Wars of the Roses Federation, will be appearing in Issue 90 of Skirmish following their attendance at the 550th Anniversary event at Towton. The magazine will be on sale in June
April 2011
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At the recent 550th anniversary commemoration of the Battle of Towton the Beaufort Companye assisted BBC TV in filming a documentary on this important battle. Details of transmission dates will be published in due course.
March 2011
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The Beaufort Companye will be appearing at the Royal Armouries in Leeds on the 26 and 27 March 2011 as part of a series of events commemorating the 550th anniversary of the Battle of Towton fought on Palm Sunday, 29 March 1461. For more information follow the link below:

February 2011

The Beaufort Companye appear in Issue 86 of Skirmish Magazine following our August Bank Holiday event at Richmond Castle, North Yorkshire. The magazine is on sale now from all good newsagents.

Members of the Beaufort Companye will be in York on 24 February 2011 taking part in the annual Jorvik Festival. We will be appearing in "Battlefield Bloodshed - The Evolution of Warfare from the Romans to the late Middle Ages". Displays take place at 10.30, 12.00, 14.00, 15.30 in St Sampson’s Square, York. Tel: 01904 615505 to pre-book....hope to see you there.
September 2010

The Beaufort Companye and the Burgh Household appeared in Issue 84 of Skirmish Magazine following our recent joint event at Gainsborough Old Hall, Lincolnshire
August 2010

The Beaufort Companye attended the 550th Anniversary of the Battle of Bosworth during which Allan Harley and other members of the Companye assisted Channel 4 in the filming of a Time Team Special on the discovery of the true site of this famous battle.
June 2010

The Beaufort Companye appeared in Issue 80 of Skirmish Magazine following their “Rise and Fall of Richard III” event at Kenilworth Castle.

April 2010

The Companye Chairman, Allan Harley, was interviewed by Radio 4 during a programme on the Battle of Bosworth. Listen to the interview here.
Upcoming Events for 2017
Wrest Park

St George’s Day (English Heritage)

22/23 April
Tewkesbury Abbey

Armour at the Abbey (Living History)

30 April/1 May
Haddon Hall

Living History Event

28/29 May

East Stoke, Newark

Small scale commemoration of the 530th anniversary of the Battle of Stoke 1487, Living History

17/18 June

Northampton (TBC)

Battle of Northampton 1460

1/2 July

Tewkesbury Medieval Festival

The Battle of Tewkesbury 1471

8/9 July

Lincoln Castle

Foot Tourney / Living History

22/23 July

Rhuddlan Castle (TBC)

Welsh Tour

5/6 August

The Battle of Bosworth 1485

19/20 August

Raglan Castle

Henry VII + Stoke 1487 Remembered

27/28 August

Tong Norton Church (Shropshire) (TBC)

Knighting Ceremony, Banner Blessing and Remembrance

9/10 September

Croft Castle

The Battle of Mortimer’s Cross 1461

9/10 September

Avoncroft Building Museum

Battle of Bewdley Bridge 1459

23/24 September


The group is continuing its training programme at Fulford Village Hall in Staffordshire.

The focus of the training is to promote the development of all activities which form part of the group's show. Specifically, improving group demonstrations, Health and Safety and developing new ideas in historical interpretation. In addition, new members are welcome to come along and take part.

Venue: Fulford Village Hall

Time: Tuesday 8-10pm